What Should You Do When You Need To Move Within A Week in Toronto?

Usually, moving to a new place or an office is a time consuming affair. Even if you hire professionals to help you out, it takes about eight weeks to conduct everything necessary. This includes looking for house movers Toronto, sorting things out, packing, moving, and everything that falls in between. But what when you need to vacate your place or relocate within a week or so? Emergency shifting or job transfer is not rare. Given that you wouldn’t have the time to think and plan, hiring a last minute movers in Toronto is the way to go. On your part, there are certain things that you can do to help yourself.

Skip the De-cluttering Episode

Before moving, the classic plan for every homeowner is to sort out the must-have things from the not-so-important ones. However, when you feel an absolute time crunch, it might be the time to twist the rule. Unless you come across stuff that are absolute trash, then consider bringing in everything to your new place. Do the de-cluttering job after you have unpacked your belongings. This might involve bringing in some extra baggage. Yet, it is time-saving. Plus, buying replacements for the things that you might have left can be expensive. You always have the option to donate or sell redundant items after moving in.

Don’t Waste Time on Clothes

You can simply use hangers to keep your clothes and stash them directly in the baggage. This will save the time that you can otherwise utilize to loom after the other aspects of packing. Also, while packing your clothes, make sure to keep some changes and toiletries handy.

Leave Some Task for Your Movers

The house movers in Toronto can also double up as your packing partner. The teams surely have the expertise to make things faster than what you can otherwise do. Taking up some of the packing jobs can surely save some money. Yet, unless you are a DIY enthusiast, consider leaving the trickier jobs to the professionals. For example, wrapping furniture and disassembling electronics can take up a lot of time. An expert packer can handle it for you. Certain rooms in your place tend to have stuff that takes a lot of time to get organized. Having expert help at your disposal can be a smart way to tackle that.


Last-minute moving can be a harrowing experience under any circumstances. Things can go wrong if you need to relocate altogether. Whatever might be your reason, Let’s Get Moving can offer all the help you are looking for. The team specializes in a local move and long-distance move, office moving, specialized moving, and storage services. They can customize their services to meet any unique needs and budget. And having many years of practical experience in this industry means that you will always get the right guidance. The transparent billing policy of the company adds up to its popularity.

Let’s Get Moving is available 24/7, so you can book or ask for details anytime!

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