Tips for Pursuing Business Efficiency


Time is a valuable commodity for any business, especially a startup. With the expectations for bootstrapped enterprises to scale quickly despite limited resources to keep up with the competition and new entrepreneurial ventures seeking to prove profitability to existing and prospective investors, success often depends on how quickly they can achieve their objectives. For this reason, you must improve the efficiency of your operations to keep costs manageable without compromising on the quality of the work.

Automate when possible

These days, it’s easy to see why companies both large and small have begun to automate certain processes. Apart from saving their employees’ time on monotonous and tedious tasks, it also lowers the costs of hiring people for work that can otherwise be controlled or operated through automatic means. And to ensure that your startup avoids the time traps that low-effort jobs can yield, you must do the same. For example, a customer relationship management software or CRM won’t just save time in logging any interactions, be it calls or emails. Additionally, chatbots have become an essential tool to automate aspects of the customer service process, with many major companies, like  NetBet, using them to great effect. But it will also allow the business to keep itself updated and track its relationships with its clients.


Automation can assist a business beyond administrative work too. For instance, an optimised marketing stack that is synced with the company’s social media, email, and other inbound campaigns will give you an insight into where the leads are and your target customers’ expectations and needs.

Streamline communication

Communication will always be an essential component of any business endeavour. Regardless of the brilliance of your offerings or strategy, a company can’t succeed if you play solo. Even with smaller organisations like a startup that consists of no more than a couple of departments, collaboration is critical when deciding everything, from marketing and sales to the daily operations of the enterprise. With that said, the process of keeping everyone on the same page must also be as hassle-free and painless. After all, unproductive meetings will only cost you time and money that you’ll never see any returns from, and this can have a significant impact on its bottom line and keep it from reaching its goals.

It is, therefore, crucial to streamline your communications as early as possible. By syncing scheduled meetings between everyone involved and leveraging Web conferencing software to save time, you’ll be able to maintain a consistently high level of efficiency. In addition, you can elevate productivity levels by pairing these practices with messaging tools to avoid the back-and-forths of email communication.

Engage your employees

The foundation of any company will always be its employees. It is through their work that a business is able to sustain itself and grow. Conversely, if they aren’t happy, they can drive down the productivity of your organisation significantly. Because of this, you must find ways to keep them engaged. From acknowledging their efforts to rewarding performers, giving them a reason to do their best beyond their monthly paychecks will make a whole heap of difference.


It’s no small feat to improve the efficiency of a startup’s operations, given the limited resources that you’ll likely have to work with. However, even with modest resources, it’s possible to maintain, if not elevate, the productivity of your business. And with these tips, you’ll enable your company to operate at a higher level.

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