How Can I Make The Most Of My Email Deliverability Platform?

If you are planning to use email deliverability in your business, you must be sure that it is with the help of a good email deliverability platform. The delivery platform will ensure that your emails reach their targeted recipients. To understand how important it is to deliver emails to the intended recipients, you must first understand what a typical email delivery platform does.

The email delivery platform is responsible for capturing, safekeeping, and archiving the documents that are part of your email communication. The email deliverability system will perform a series of checks before sending the emails to the recipients. The checks will ensure that your emails do not contain or transmit any viruses that may affect the functionality of your server or network.

It will also make sure that your emails pass the spam filters set up by your ISP. When you use an email deliverability platform, it will check the validity and usability of the email address that you provide. It will validate the sender’s contact information and other parameters that may help determine whether the email is spam. By using the right tools and techniques, your emails will be safely delivered to the subscribers.

Several users have doubts about the Average email open rate. Some users believe that emails, even when delivered through spam filters, can contain viruses. Other users think that users can configure their email accounts in such a manner that their messages will never reach their intended recipients. These two views are entirely baseless and are not supported by any technical evidence.

There is no doubt that users can configure their email accounts in such a way that they will never get to read spam emails. However, the same cannot be said about setting up email deliverability features in your website or email campaign. A user may be able to configure his/her account in such a way that messages will be delivered to the spam filter. However, if the same user also selects the option to receive email from his/her chosen email list, then that email may be delivered to the spam mailbox. This is a very real scenario and one that requires users to use email deliverability solutions.

Users’ ability to set up filters to block unwanted emails is completely within his/her control. This means that users cannot expect to use email deliverability platform services that would ensure that all their emails would be delivered to the intended recipients. Email deliverability platforms are merely tools used to make filtering decisions. Filtering is ultimately a decision that a user has to make on his own, based on the nature of an email message and its contents.

A user cannot expect his/her email delivery platform to deliver all messages to the specified email list. This is because there are factors such as the recipient’s location, time of the day, etc that could affect whether or not the email message is delivered to the intended recipient.

The best way to avoid users making improper use of email deliverability services is to educate users about the factors that could affect delivery. This should not, however, stop business owners from using email deliverability platforms to ensure that all emails are delivered to the intended recipients.

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