Xfinity versus CenturyLink. Which one should you opt for?

There’s a chance that you may end up with Xfinity and CenturyLink as your final two contenders for your Internet service providers. Both of these options bring their own set of pros and cons to the table. Depending on how you use the Internet and how much Internet you need, you may realize that one of these two options is enough to take care of all your needs.

Review check from the value of the Internet, the Internet price of CenturyLink guarantees that you will have to pay a similar amount from one month to another as long as you avail yourself of the services of CenturyLink Internet.  However, if you want the fastest Internet speed for then, you should check out Xfinity Internet since it offers to speed up to 2000 MPs in selected regions. Check out that your region falls under the Xfinity high internet speed. If it does, you should go for Xfinity.

In the case of the TV and Internet package savings, Xfinity offers a month to monthly savings in the case of bundled services. The more you bundle up, the more you can reduce your cost. However, in terms of access ability, the DSL service of CenturyLink is more accessible in the western and central regions of the US compared to the cable Internet service of Xfinity.

In terms of consumer satisfaction, if you look at the two, you will notice that Xfinity scored more points in the year 2020 compared to CenturyLink. According to the ACSI, Xfinity scored 66 out of 100, while CenturyLink scored 63.

CenturyLink versus Xfinity Internet

Xfinity offers a variety of Internet speeds compared to CenturyLink in certain regions for more affordable prices. Xfinity also offers different designs which are available at higher speeds. Even though Xfinity offers reduced Internet costs for beginners, CenturyLink is better for gig Internet. Another point in favor of CenturyLink disadvantage is that CenturyLink has no Wi-Fi hot spots.

One con in terms of Xfinity would be the speed as well as the cost of the Internet will depend a lot on your residential location. However, in the case of CenturyLink, you can always love fastest speed possible open record of 200M BPS for$49 per month irrespective of where your residential location is.

Irrespective of where your residential location is, Xfinity offers many different Internet plans to its users. There are generally 7 Internet plans leader however, they all may not be accessible in your region. However, the customers have the option of tailoring the plan to suit their own needs and requirements. In CenturyLink, there is no option of tailoring your plan. However, with the price-for-life guarantee and in the absence of any agreement, CenturyLink might be better suited for some people.

Xfinity has over 80 million hotspots available all across the US with Xfinity mobile; however, CenturyLink has no Wi-Fi hotspots. This puts CenturyLink in a really negative zone compared to Xfinity. Even in terms of Internet velocity, if you see, Xfinity Wins the challenge. There are many different speed choices available in the case of both CenturyLink as well as Xfinity. However, Xfinity plans offer extensive speed ranges for their customers. On the other hand, there is a significant gap between the 100 MBPS and the 940 MBPS plans of CenturyLink. You either use very little Internet, or you are a constant gamer as per CenturyLink. There is no middle bar here.

However, don’t let the 200 MBPS plan of Xfinity fool you either. Most likely, in most cases, customers only have the opportunity of picking the 1000 MBPS plan. Furthermore, if you do land up finding the 200 MBPS plan for yourself, you will have to shell out $300 more for it.

Now that we have discussed Internet speed and availability, it is time to switch our focus to download speeds. In terms of speed and performance together, Xfinity is dominating the race. Xfinity Internet offers 15 to 2000 MBPS download speeds and 2 to 2000 MBPS upload speeds. On the other hand, CenturyLink only offers 15 to 940 MBPS download speeds and one to 940 MBPS upload speeds which is substantially reduced if you compare it with Xfinity Internet.

The only issue in case of Xfinity is the price record. Depending on where your residence is, the monthly rates in the case of Xfinity Internet would change even if the data plan is similar. However, in the case of CenturyLink, there is no change in price bracket depending on your location.

Thus, to conclude, the scales are leaning a little bit more towards Xfinity Internet compared to CenturyLink Internet. If you are a person who is constantly in need of the Internet, you should opt for Xfinity.

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