Judi Slot Gambling-A Bet on the 21st Century

Today we live in a world where everything happens on the internet, from selling a pen on Amazon to find a date on Tinder. The internet has truly been replacing how we receive and process anything from information to entertainment. With the dawn of a new era of the “.com bubble” in the late 20th century, one of the industries that decided to ride this wave was the gambling and Judi Slot industry.

The rise of online gambling platforms

In India, the youth alone makes up 34.3% of the total population. And with digitalization playing a huge part towards reaching the so-called state of being a “developed country”, it is very natural for this large number of population to hang out 먹튀 online. In this article, we will focus our attention on what is the reception of online gambling platforms amongst this youth. The most common form of gambling happening online in India is online poker, with an estimated value of around 110 million dollars.

Why try gambling?

Millennials today are living in a society where legalized gambling is not just accepted, but also openly promoted. Given this openness and glamour around the industry of online gambling, it is not surprising at all that teens are drawn towards the thrill, the feeling of instant gratification, and the rush of making fast money. Primarily there are three reasons reported by teens to why they gamble-1) boredom 2) the rush of making fast money 3) to get relief from the feeling of depression. These reasons are most common among college students where gambling most ordinarily happens in the form of poker or Teen Patti.

Given the ease of access, Judi Slot gambling has, it is very important for teens and college students and their parents to discuss and understand the risks that surround this activity. Several countries have organizations that assist people struggling with gambling addiction. Addiction to gambling is NOT to be taken lightly.

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