How to Start a Cookie Business

Cookies are one thing that people cannot keep their hands off, and the better thing is if they are gooey, deliciously filled with the right amount of chocolate chips. If you are good at making cookies and have heard from people around you to start selling them, this is your sign.

Selling cookies can be profitable if you have a knack for baking and can stay consistent with supplying daily orders. However, it just not requires baking cookies but managing a lot of other stuff, including customer service, marketing, cost/ profit, and following codes of food safety.

If you want to start your own cookie business, look no further and follow the given tips to get started:

When starting a cookie business, the first step is coming up with a plan for your business. It will focus on your goals, limitations, and plan that you mean to follow. You will have to decide the type and quantity of cookies you will start with, the ingredients you may need to stock, and the cost of required kitchen tools to help you work efficiently. Other than this, you will also need to plan the amount of time spent preparing and baking the cookies and decide each product’s price accordingly.

Along with this, you will need to analyze the finances and how much you will need to invest in your business. The profits are generated not at once, and hence you will need to invest an initial amount for your business to begin.

The next step is to name your business and make it official. It involves getting approval from food industry authorities and get a license from the board that regulates food chains. Moreover, you will need to inform the health department and follow their SOPs when starting a cookie business. Each area and state has different food business requirements that you will need to fulfill before opening your business.

After making your business official, buy the appropriate equipment. Baking cookies on a large scale requires a different set of kitchen tools such as mixers, baking pans, measuring devices, bowls, and utensils. You will also need to buy storage boxes and plastic boxes to deliver your food. Plus, to label your variety of cookies, you will have to get labels printed and pasted to your storage boxes.

Now that the finance and logistics are analyzed begin with promoting your business. The easiest way to nurture and spread your business is to make a social media page and post pictures of your delicious cookies. You can also place your sample cookies in the local market, cafes, and stores. It will allow people to taste and order from your business later. Ask your friends and family to spread the word about your new business, as word of mouth is the best way to promote business. After convincing people to buy from you, deliver them tasty cookies to build trust and loyalty.

The Verdict

Opening your own cookie business is a venture that you should experience as it has its merits. It is easy to start and maintain over time with great profit.

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